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I've been trying to find pockets of time for reading – on planes, while drinking my first cup of coffee, and/or just before going to sleep. The books that I'm bouncing between right now…

The Motivation Manifesto – I started reading this one on a recent trip to CA. It's a little more "flowery" than I expected, but otherwise right up my alley. 

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up & Better than Before – both arrived yesterday. I suspect that they will both be books that I can't put down once I start reading them. 

Yes, Please! – listening to the audio book on my (short) commute, and on (longer) drives to Dan's house. Hilarious. Insightful. Awesome.

Bowl + Spoon – I have a thing for cookbooks. I've visited this one on Amazon pretty much daily for the last week. Finally ordered it today. 

What are you reading?

3 thoughts on “what I’m reading…

  1. I LOVED Yes Please! Really loved. And I clearly need to read both the Life-Changing Magic AND Better than Before. Am reading Liz Egan’s new novel, out in August, called A Window Opens. It is absolutely marvelous. xox

  2. Just finished Life Changing Magic and am “this close” to being done with Better than Before. Next up is The Opposite of Spoiled. I found the text of Life Changing Magic to be a bit on the woo woo side but love the ideas and am implementing them. I tend to need time to let GR sink in a bit before I can practice any of her stuff and this one will be the same…

  3. I liked Life Changing okay….a little fluffy. I devoured The Martian (going to be a Matt Damon movie) and I’m not a sci-fi person but it turned out to be one of those books I didn’t want to end. Almost done with All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner. Meh. She just never has lived up to Little Earthquakes. I’m going to retread an old, old favorite Through a glass Darkly by Karleen Koen next.

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