the keto reset diet : mark sisson


I know that it’s totally cliched to write about a diet book in January. This book sat on my kitchen island for most of November, then moved to my cookbook shelf for December. I’m determined to stay on track with book reviews this year, so let’s do this!

If you haven’t heard of the ketogenic diet, you might be living under a rock. Going keto and becoming fat-adapted are buzzy phrases in the diet/nutrition/fitness world. Since we already eat a fairly low-carb diet, and we aren’t afraid of healthy fats…I was interested in this book’s explanations & approach. My brother & I have had many a conversation about the bandwagon approach that so many keto-folks jump on. Look at how much bacon I’m eating!! and OMG, I just looked at a cookie! Am I still fat-adapted?? In a word: ridiculous.

What I loved: The Keto Reset Diet does a terrific job of explaining the science behind ketogenic eating, and gives clear guidance on how to approach this eating style. I appreciated that the book contained plenty of recipes that didn’t include meat. He also advocates a gradual approach to reducing carbs, which I think is super-helpful for folks who are eating high carb before staring the plan. The book is laid out in a logical manner, and provides in-depth information for those who really want to get into the details. The information is accessible, and the plan is easy to follow. Mark also writes about his own personal way of eating, which removes some of the militant thinking that can sometimes be suggested by these “popular” diets. Dan & I did a few weeks of mostly ketogenic eating, using the book as a guide. We felt great!

What I left: Nothing, really! I’m not following a ketogenic diet currently, but I do still lean toward lower carb, moderate protein, moderate fat eating. That’s the result of my own choices, not the book. 🙂

Disclaimer #1: Obviously, with any drastic change in eating, you should consult your doctor before diving in.

Disclaimer #2: This book was provided to me by Blogging for Books. I was not compensated for this review.


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