fall reads : october 2016

Fall books

I've been reading & listening quite a bit this month. I've still got titles from my Summer reading list waiting for attention…but I chose to simply go where my attention led me. 

French Kids Eat Everything – I picked up the Kindle edition on sale after a few conversations about our frustrations with the Littles' eating habits. Too much snacking, too much complaining, too much whining. French customs around food are fascinating! We've started to incorporate a few of the practices from the book…less snacking, more real food. 

Love Warrior – So much YES to this. Spoiler alert: Glennon & her husband separated again just as this book launched. They continue to practice forgiveness, grace, and authenticity. I'd really like to have a coffee with her. Y'know, when she's not hanging out with Oprah & all…

Present Over Perfect – I adore Shauna's writing, and I adore listening to her voice…so this audio book was definitely a fave. “I'm learning that both body and soul require more tenderness and attentiveness than I had imagined.” A hearty HELLS YES to that. 

In addition to books, I've been listening to a new-to-me podcast – The Living Experiment. So good!! 

What's the last book that you read or listened to? 

2 thoughts on “fall reads : october 2016

  1. I really enjoyed French Kids Eat Everything as well. Although I have failed at implementing a single thing lately. There is also a follow-up that I have started several times. Keep me posted if you have any breakthroughs…
    I swear Aaron cursed us when he would say (pre-kids) that “picky eaters don’t last long in our family” as we have the pickiest of picky eaters.

  2. I’ve seen mention of the follow-up, but haven’t read it.
    I would say that our biggest “breakthrough” has been eliminating snacks. We did have a weekend that we were gung-ho about introducing new foods (MC acted like she was being tortured by butternut squash soup), but honestly? We are choosing EASE over radical change right now. My big challenge with the Littles is their lack of table manners. It’s a BIG DEAL to me (just ask my Bigs)…and just one of those life skills that I feel is super important. Good luck, friend!!

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