British Columbia : part two (the unexpected story)

Squamish bc dec 2016

This is a story that I didn't expect to tell, about a trip that I didn't expect to take, about something happening that I didn't expect to happen…

Dan & I had spent American Thanksgiving weekend in British Columbia, visiting with Austin. We stayed at a beautiful AirBnB and spent some time in Vancouver & Whistler Village. We headed to Los Angeles after that…work for me, running on the beach in Venice for Dan. I'll get to those posts at some point. 

I was in a meeting at work last Monday, when I got a call from Austin. Those with University-aged kids can attest to the fact that when you get an actual phone call instead of a text or email….well, it gets your attention. I excused myself from the meeting, and heard this news, "Mom, please don't worry, but I had a seizure and I'm in the hospital." Here's what happened…

Austin woke up on Monday not feeling particularly well. He went to class, and was in the cafeteria on a mid-morning break. While paying for his food, he had a seizure. He was taken to the local hospital, and observed for several hours. He was in the process of being released when he had a second seizure. After being re-admitted, he had a third. At that point, the decision was made to transfer him to a hospital in Vancouver. At some point, he had a fourth seizure. 

I arrived in Van on Tuesday evening, just as Austin was being released. A CT scan showed no evidence of brain tumor (the scariest possibility, for sure). We spent Wednesday back in Squamish, allowing Austin to get a little more rest before flying home on Thursday. We still don't know what caused the seizures. We start follow-up appointments later today. 

Through all of this, I have been really grateful for our community of friends & family. So many of you reached out with messages of love & support. So many of you called on your higher power & faith to send white light & healing. I'm eternally grateful to Austin's girlfriend, Emily, for being his advocate at the hospitals and keeping me informed (seriously, she is a ROCKSTAR). Y'all are my favorite.

3 thoughts on “British Columbia : part two (the unexpected story)

  1. Oh wow-hope all will be okay. So scary not knowing, but so glad you were close by and able to get to him more quickly. Good luck to your family.

  2. Oh how frightening! Hugs and prayers for good news….My son had a similar event long ago, and the family doctor (old school) told me it was a GOK. God only knows. Never repeated, but so scary.

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