2015 One Little Word® : magic.

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Before Dan & I left for Florida in mid-December, I signed up for Susannah Conway's Find Your Word e-course. I knew that it was unlikely that I'd actively participate…one, b/c I am a bit of an e-course dropout, and two, b/c FLORIDA. So. I read each email, glanced at the posts in the FB group, and generally just tried to stay open to finding a word. I read through a few archives of OLW posts on my own blog, and on Ali's. At one point, I thought that my word *might* be miracles, but it just didn't feel exactly right. And then, the Universe kind of whispered…


Okay, listen. I was in Florida, but I was NOT at the Magic Kingdom, nor was I picking out a wand at Harry Potter world (or whatever that is called). I tried to brush it off. It's NOT a Katrina word. It's so unicorns & fairy dust. I wanted a word that had more substance. Something that I could gauge progress against, set goals around. Oh, and did I mention that a hugely-more-popular-than-me blogger had magic as her OLW a few years ago? I didn't want a me-too word. Sigh. I decided to just wait & see if magic faded, and/or another word appeared…

As the Universe would have it, magic has kept coming up…so I'm just going with it. I'm getting comfortable with it. I've started a Pinterest board for it. I'm starting to think of ways that I can embrace it. I still feel a little silly saying it, but maybe that's part of the magic

What's your One Little Word® for 2015?

My past words – 2014 Forward, 2013 Soar, 2012 Shift, 2011 Abundance, 2010 Mindful. 

3 thoughts on “2015 One Little Word® : magic.

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’re sticking with magic. I know a certain blogger had it years ago, but so many of the words on Ali’s list each year are duplicates. Sometimes words are just awesome mantras. I know you’ll make it totally your own.
    It does sound a little wafty, but in such a great way! I definitely prefer something solid, something that I can measure. But maybe it’ll be a good challenge to have to find that in “magic.” Happy 2015!

  2. magic was my 2014 word, and i’m a little reluctant to move on from it. and i’m not a unicorns & fairy dust, either, even if the word sort of latched on to my after our first trip to disneyworld with the boys last year. for me, it was about being open to possibilities. about being okay with things that don’t make sense. about letting it all go and being a kid again now and then.
    magic brought me a good year, and i hope it does the same for you. =) here are a couple of quotes that i don’t see on your board that i loved :

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