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Hands down, the BEST way to get started with Young LivingĀ® is to purchase the Premium Starter Kit. Are there other starter kits? Yep? And IMHO, this one is the way to go…

You’re getting a $300 value for $160 (plus tax & shipping).

The Premium Starter Kit comes with a fabulous diffuser (either the Home or DewDrop), 11 Essential Oils, a roller-ball head for the Stress Away oil (that is ALWAYS with me), 2 samples of Ningxia Red, and little sample oil packets & bottles (b/c sharing is caring). 


The Oils that are included in the Premium Starter Kit are fabulous. I like to think of them as my everyday basics. Like, I don’t start or end my day without one or more of these oils. My current faves & uses? 

Lavender & Frankincense – diffusing these two is like instant bliss. 
RC – fights off all the coughing & colds that the Littles bring home. No joke, I went through an entire bottle in the first month of having the kit. 
Lavender & Peppermint & Lemon – magical if there’s less wine left from last night than I’d like to admit. 
Panaway – because gym recovery is a thing. 
Stress Away – ALWAYS in my bag. Because: life.
Alright friend, are you ready to jump in? I’m here to help along the way – with tips & tricks, access to the BEST oil group on the interwebs, and answers to all of your questions (confession – sometimes the answer will be “let me google that”). 
Let’s go! 
2. Remember to choose Member (not retail)
3. My ID numbers should be pre-populated, but just in case – enter 11067317 for both Sponsor & Enroller
4. Fill out the Membership Info & Sign In info. There’s also a spot for Tax Info. Go ahead & fill that out in case you ever decide to explore the business side. (NEW – starting in March, you no longer need to fill out your SS if you are signing up as a non-business member)
5. Click agree & continue
6. Select PREMIUM STARTER KIT (you may have the option between DewDrop and Home Diffuser, depending on stock level)
7. Are you interested in ordering oils every month? If yes, SIGN UP FOR ESSENTIAL REWARDS to enjoy discounted shipping, rewards points, special bonus oils, and more!! (email me, or leave a comment if you have questions about this)
8. Scroll down to where you can click to ADD MORE PRODUCTS. This is where you can add additional items if you want. I’m happy to make recommendations!
9. Click on Enrollment Checkout, choose shipping method, and fill out billing info
10. Activate & place order. WOO HOO!! 
11. Shoot me an email so that I can celebrate with you!! 

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