when in doubt, give thanks.

Photo by Takahiro Sakamoto on Unsplash

I have Thanksgiving on my mind. The Bigs are both up north, so they’re celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving today. Maybe that’s why I’ve had gratitude on my mind. Maybe it’s simply that I’ve been returning to tried-and-true practices to help to ease the stress of transition. Regardless of the reason, gratitude has a certain magic. A few things that I am grateful for right now…

*my husband. I’m usually the first one to make the “third time’s a charm” joke…and I actually mean it. He is my favorite. We kicked off a return to our marriage meetings yesterday, and it reminded me of how fortunate we are to be doing this life together.

*coffee (and a husband who makes it). He makes the coffee, I make the bed. That’s the deal. We’re still making coffee with “fancy water” (#barbismyguru), and still enjoying it.

*flowy dresses & leggings. I’m definitely not doing an actual capsule wardrobe right now, but I do have some consistent looks that I return to time & time again. A flowy A-line dress over leggings or tights is my fall go-to. Today, it’s a black dress over black & cream striped leggings.

*memory keeping. I haven’t actually scrapbooked in a very long time…but I’m still committed to documenting our life in words & pictures. This blog, my Instagram, Facebook to a certain degree, and various photo projects tell our story. I finished up 4 Chatbooks last night, which felt really good.

*handling life online. Dan regularly teases me that he doesn’t think that I go to work everyday – I just go to the bus stop for the WIFI. I say he’s just amazed at how much I can handle via the interwebs.

What are you thankful for today?

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