weekend snapshots (the b&w edition)

Our weekends go by in a flash (yours too, huh?). We pack in a lot of activity over the course of 2+ days. This weekend, I decided to do a spin of Ali’s  The Weekend Lens, mixed with Lindsay’s Our Weekend in Black & White as we went about our life. My plan is to put all of the photos (just posting a portion here) into a Chatbook. Here’s a peek at this project…

Xc dan katrina holtz

We kicked off the weekend early…I took Friday off so that we could head down to join Mackie’s class for XC skiing. Yes, I actually went skiing. Those who know me know that winter sports are not exactly my thing. I did find that I enjoyed XC way more than I thought that I would.


Mackie is already a pro!

Hibachi dan katrina holtz

We knew that we’d be getting back up to our house a bit later than usual, so we planned to stop for dinner. After many requests for pizza…we ended up at a local Japanese steakhouse (b/c really, the adults ultimately get to choose). It was the kids’ first experience with hibachi, and they loved it. Wilder has requested a return visit for his birthday.


Weekend reminders.


Blood oranges are a fave around here.


On our way to Vermont Kids Day!


This girl is always in for face-painting.


Mackie held a snake!


This guy loooooves bouncy houses.


We spent a quiet Sunday at home.


Face-timing with Bubbe.


Lots of time on the reading rug.



Wilder likes to find the sunny spots.


Guess who else likes the sunny spots?


Dan was asked to play music to accompany a puppet show production.


IMG_1821 2

I spent the day resting & recovering from a touch of a stomach bug…but still remembered to get in front of the camera. The photos for the weekend include a handful of around here shots…that may end up in a Chatbook of their own. Super glad that I’ve got this snapshot of our weekend!

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