Thursday Thoughts

Hope’s school puts out a weekly newsletter entitled Thursday Thoughts…seemed appropriate for today’s post.

I’m supposed to be working on actual work – it’s midyear forecasting time- but I just can’t focus. My entire day has been like that. Looked at some color matches, tasted some flavors, worked on timelines, updated some product files…but all very "fractured" tasks somehow. Nothing felt like focused work. And, in the middle of the day, I had one of those "aha" moments – I remembered that I have a cool job. I get paid to taste lip balm. Okay, so I get paid to do a lot more than that….but it’s still a part of my job. How cool is that?

I have big plans/long lists for the weekend. MUST:

*balance checkbook (our $$ has been MUCH too freely spent lately)

*write out the kids summer camp schedules…b/c I have NO IDEA what I’ve signed them up for

*make thank you cards for several people that have done nice things for me lately

*create a layout with this month’s kit from my LSS (for a contest, not a design team…I only *wish* I was on a design team)


*finish organizing the kitchen

*take my summer clothes out of the rubbermaid tote that is sitting in my bedroom (and decide what to do about the fact that I desperately need clothes)

*shop for snacks for my Stampin’ Up! party on Saturday

*stress about the fact that only 2 or 3 people are actually coming to my Stampin’ party!!

There’s more, but it really doesn’t get any more exciting. I’m hoping that I’ll get the next CJ in the mail…and crossing my fingers that I get my SA Kit tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Well, here is my obligatory friend comment…actually Katrina I like this idea. I get to have a little insight in your life since miles and crazy lives make it difficult! You have always been a great writer so I look forward to more entries…no pressure now!! So bottom it and love you!!

  2. Um…my house is a mess, I forgot to put underpants on my son the other day, and I am barely able to get on here to add a comment at 11:15p.m. on a work night…how in the #*&% do you have time to write a blog??? Seriously, I need to reorganize my life.

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