three simple goals : november


When I've gotten around to writing monthly goals (which sadly, is NOT every month), I've committed to four simple goals. This month gets three – a nod to a schedule that is already super busy and an effort to show myself a bit of kindness by not stacking the expectations too high.

1. Winterize Daily Routines – winter demands an entirely different system for daily life. Coats never really go into storage around here, but gloves/mittens go missing, and scarves hide in corners of the mudroom – so that situation needs to be organized. Firewood & candles need to be restocked. Morning routines need to be adjusted to allow for light therapy. Socks and tights need to be worked into wardrobe plans. 

2. Read (at least) 3 Books – reading books by the fire is pretty much my ideal winter weekend day. Add in a pot of coffee and it's possible that I'll spend more than a few hours on the couch. I'm kicking off this season of reading with Love is Letting Go of Fear

3. Complete Capsule Wardrobe Clean-Out – a simple goal that just needs a chunk of time dedicated to it. Six dresser drawers that need to be sorted & purged. Totally do-able! 

Woven around these goals, of course, are the practices that I continue to hold dear, the to-do list that is always expanding, and the desire to experience the present moment without continually running through an inner dialogue of shoulds. What's on your agenda for November?

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  1. 3 goals per month! I love this concept. Shall work it into my life. Thank you again, for inspiration beautiful lady!! xo

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