this pedestrian life.

“But this is what I’m finding, in glimpses and flashes: this is it. This is it, in the best possible way. That thing I’m waiting for, for that adventure, that movie-score-worthy experience unfolding gracefully. This is it. Normal, daily life ticking by on our streets and sidewalks, in our houses and apartments, in our beds and at our dinner tables, in our dreams and prayers and fights and secrets – this pedestrian life is the most precious thing any of us will ever experience.” – Shauna Niequist, Cold Tangerines

Life is busy right now. We’re doing all.the.things to get ready to leave for Hawaii…vacation things, wedding things. So many good things. And we’re both trying to keep all the balls in the air for life, work, and family. Craving a little pause in the midst of it all…and also reminding myself that this is it, and it is perfect.

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