spring at #thepalace…

Happiness Lives Here

I am determined to believe that SPRING is arriving in the Northeast any damn minute now. I've been pondering plants, deliberating about bookshelf styling, and contemplating some art refreshing. Note that I don't spring clean…I spring style. Things that I have my eye on…

A split-leaf philodendron. My fiddle leaf has done EXTREMELY well. My dwarf myer lemon tree died a slow death. All of my other houseplants are thriving. So I'm ready for a new "statement" plant! 

New couches. When we visited British Columbia last fall, we fell in love with the Nest chair in our Airbnb. I found this set domestically, and I've been thisclose to ordering. 

A kitchen island. We don't have a ton of workspace in our kitchen, and we've pondered an island….BUT that would make the frequent kitchen dance parties a little more difficult. Hmmm….

More throw pillows. (just kidding, babe)

New framed art. Fortunately, we have very artistic children – so I'll be framing some original work. Yay! 

And, super anxious to be able to utilize our outdoor living spaces soon! I miss having coffee on the deck with a view of the lake, and dinners on the back deck…

Hurry up, Spring! 

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