the D&K limitless list


Oh happy day…it's warm & sunny!! And, I saw blue water on my drive through the marina this morning. Seeing water, rather than ice, is always a happy thing. 

Dan & I had a fun little weekend adventure – a short trip out of town for a Landmark Wisdom Community Sunday, with some shopping & fun restaurants along the way. Over dinner one night, we started talking about what we'd splurge on with more financial freedom. I'm not talking about winning the lottery splurges…more of the  everyday, how would we take things to the next level splurges. The conversation continued over the course of the weekend. Here's what we came up with…

  • multiple jars of expensive kimchee in the fridge. This is Dan's pick, and he will be happily eating that all by himself
  • a well-stocked, interesting liquor cabinet. Less about good value and more about hey, let's try that one!
  • a monthly pass to my favorite yoga studio sans guilt for already having an employer-paid gym membership and tons of at-home yoga resources
  • interesting coffee beans for our daily coffee habit instead of the Costco-size bag of okay coffee
  • a higher-quality capsule wardrobe for each of us (mine would likely be from Garnet Hill)
  • adventure travel every quarter…passport required
  • a dedicated man cave that may or may not include a dedicated gym room, and should definitely include a vintage Rickenbacker quitar. Clearly, Dan has thought this through

How 'bout you? What's on your limitless list? 

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