that time we got hitched in Hawaii…

Have I mentioned that we got married in Hawaii? 🙂

I wanted to do the whole “first look” thing, b/c why not?? I’m sure that some people have opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do in 3rd-for-me/2nd-for-him wedding…and fortunately, those people are not in our world. We did what we wanted…and that included me keeping my dress a secret from Dan until the first look.

My amazing Aunt Betty performed our ceremony for us…and looked stunning & majestic doing it.

My cousin Jeff lives on Oahu, so he was able to join us with this beautiful wife, Ava, and their adorable kiddos. Dan’s Mom & her boyfriend, Don, our Bigs, and our friends, Nick & Kathy, also joined us.

Hope & Austin both read during the ceremony. So grateful that they were both able to join us. We would have loved to have the Littles with us, as well…but we knew that the super long flights would be challenging for them.

Dan Katrina Holtz Vermont

A magical day, on Magic Island…#happilyeverholtz. (all photography by Kim Ebert Photography).

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