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Summer 15 reading

I had the best of intentions. For reals. I thought that I'd spend a lot of time this summer reading by river, reading on planes, reading at the gym….and I just, well, didn't. I finished a couple of the above books – Light is the New Black and The ADHD Advantage. Neither really resonated with me – LITNB started strong, but lacked authenticity and The ADHD Advantage read as very one-sided (NO MEDS!). 

I may have mentioned that I started listening to Happiness for Beginners on Audible. I hated the narration (it's the only time that I've ever requested a refund for an audio book!)…I'll likely check this one out of the library. I'm reading Lessons from Madame Chic right now, along with finishing The Surrender Experiment and Rising Strong (which wasn't on the above list originally b/c it released in late Aug, but I ended up getting an early review copy). Boys in the Boat carries too much corporate energy for me right now (long story), Better than Before stares at me from my bookshelf, and The Art of Asking is on my library list. I started listening to For the Love on my commute, and should probably finish A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and Plan B (I started listening to each of them at some point this summer). I downloaded Essentialism to use up Audible credits, but who knows when I'll get around to listening to it! 

What's on your reading list?

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