summer vibes.

Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash

It seems like we waited forever for the weather to warm up this year…and now we are frequently waiting for it to stop raining. But. We are making the most of our summer, even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

I shared our Summer Bucket List on Instagram a few weeks ago. We’ve been steadily working through it, and marking the date next to each activity.

We bought kayaks this year! We’ve only managed to get out on the lake a few times (due to the rain and/or rough water), but when we have, it’s been terrific. We’re fortunate to have a (lake) beach in our neighborhood, so it’s relatively easy to get out on the water. We did just by these wheel-y, trolley things that should enable us to walk/roll our kayaks down.

The soundtrack of our summer has definitely been The Beatles. Dan is a huge fan, and we’ve done “Breakfast with the Beatles” for about a year now. The other day, “I Will” came on, and after the chorus, “Love you forever and forever / Love you with all my heart / Love you when we’re together / Love you when we’re apart,” Wilder said “Daddy, just like you & Trina!” How sweet is that?? McCartney is becoming a super fan, and has memorized lots of trivia about each Beatle. She’s also a wee bit obsessed with the Yellow Submarine movie.

I’ve started a couple of creative projects so far this summer – getting a wedding photo book printed, and finishing off our gallery wall in the dining room. Next up on my list is a few trip Chatbooks, and tackling Project Life pages (digital) for the first 1/2 of the year.

How ’bout you? How’s your summer shaping up?

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