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Yesterday, I took a deep breath, and deleted my Typepad blog….the blog that I had maintained for more than a decade. All of the content still lives here at the new site, amidst the mess of broken links and perhaps a few missing images. I have visions of methodically going back through archives and updating, and I also recognize that I’m not likely to actually do that. So, if you are still here, still reading, and stumble upon anything that isn’t working…let me know, and I’ll take a look.

When I first started talking with Dan about migrating to WordPress, I was adamant that I wanted to continue blogging. Who cares that I only get around to it a couple of times a month? Who cares that blogging isn’t as popular as it used to be? I was adamant that I wanted to maintain this space for sharing, story telling, and (let’s be honest) keeping my Mother generally up-to-date. And yet, every time I open up the admin panel, I get stage fright.

What should I write about?

Today, I was listening to Ali Edwards talk about documenting/memory keeping her blended family (Scrap Gals Podcast) and, as always, was inspired by her commitment to tell the stories of her life, and by extension, her family’s life. She’s living her story, and also photographing & writing about it. And really? That’s why I started blogging way-back-when anyway.

So, I’m going to keep coming back here, and facing the blank text box. And I’m going to write my story, and my family’s story. There’s so much to celebrate in my life, and so much to share. I don’t want this to be one of those earnest “I’ll do better!” posts, so here’s a few tidbits of real life right now…

*We are watching The Handmaid’s Tale, and it is blowing our minds.

*I’m pondering a meal delivery service to help us through the always-crazy fall transitions. I just ordered a trial of Hello Fresh for Hope. Not sure if I’ll stick with them, or try out a different service for us.

*My devotion to the Capsule Wardrobe somehow exploded into “look what I got on sale!” and I need to totally rethink my closet. Also, Dan is afraid to open my dresser, for fear of never being able to close the drawers again.

*I pre-ordered new releases from Gretchen Rubin and Brene Brown, and now have to decide which I’ll read first b/c they are scheduled to arrive on the same day.

*We’re in the market for a new sofa, and Dan is hesitating for me to order one online for fear of it not being comfortable. Anyone have experience with online furniture purchases?

That’s all for now, friends!


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