Oh, hey!

Things that you should know about me (in totally random order):

1. I drink a lot of coffee. Like…a lot. I’ve cut back before, and have even given it up, but then I realized that coffee is like my own personal brand of heroin. (that’s a cheesy Twilight reference, Mom)

2. I have two amazing kids who are too old to be called kids, but I dislike the term “young adults,” so kids (or Bigs) it is. It regularly takes my breath away that they have become such awesome people. I also have the pleasure & privilege of co-parenting two amazing Littles. They give the best kiss attacks.

3. I’ve blogged since May 2005, which is officially referred to as a really long time.

4. This blog used to be called Being 30something, but then it became Figuring Out 40 because, y’know, aging. Now it’s just my name, b/c it’s easier that way.

5. I over use the ellipses, and often use italics to highlight sarcasm and/or really deep thoughts. Sometimes, there isn’t a difference.

6. I currently call Vermont home, but I also use that word to describe California & Oklahoma. I lived in Iowa very briefly, so it doesn’t register as home. I’ve moved a lot, and no…my parents aren’t military.

7. I have three (2017 update) tattoos, but a pinterest board full of the tattoos that I’m planning to get.

8. I am, or have been, a writer, photographer, social media consultant, and professional scrapbooker.

9. My “real” job is in business development for a cosmetics manufacturer. I am not a chemist.

10. I eat a lot of kale. I gave up meat years ago, and firmly believe in eating real food. I enjoy cooking and baking…and I’m pretty good at both.

11. I love the ocean. Like really, really love the ocean. Living on the lake is cool, though.

12. I’ve been practicing meditation for a few years. And I do mean practicing. If I can find even a few moments of clarity & breath, I call that a success. I also call monkey mind a success b/c at least I tried.

13. I am married to an amazing guy named Dan. He brought light, laughter, and love into my life in September 2014. We are creating a pretty fantastic life.

14. Dan & I have 4 kiddos between us – 2 Bigs (20 & 25) and 2 Littles (4 & 6). That garners a lot of raised eyebrows, and often causes people to give us wine.

15. I think that (early) Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal are brilliantly written tv shows. I sometimes binge-watch entire seasons on a Friday night, with a bottle of wine, loaf of bread, and great cheese.

16. I have really curly hair that looks all Felicity in my head, and then I see pictures of myself and realize that it really just looks like a hot mess.

17. I firmly believe that the internet is the greatest thing ever invented, but props to electricity and computers for playing important roles in that.

18. I believe in magic, miracles, kindness, gratitude, perseverance, abundance, and creativity.

19. I also believe in gin. And red wine.

20. I am so thankful that you’re here. Seriously.