my summer capsule wardrobe.


As the back-to-school ads start popping up, I'm thinking about my fall capsule wardrobe…and realizing that I never shared my summer capsule wardrobe. I'm still really loving the minimalist concept, and definitely plan to continue it.

My summer capsule wardrobe was a tiny bit haphazard, but generally followed the same colorway – denim, grey, blues, black. 

The basics - 

  • Black tee dress (Old Navy)
  • Black & white striped tee dress (Old Navy)
  • Black chiffon maxi skirt (Gap)
  • Grey sleeveless drawstring dress (Loft)
  • Grey ampersand tee (We Blow Kisses)
  • Royal blue tank dress (Old Navy)
  • Royal blue striped 3/4 sleeve tee (Target)
  • White jeans (Loft)
  • Navy striped maxi skirt (Old Navy)
  • Pewter braided sandals (Target)

Throw in white/black/grey tees, a couple of tank tops (b&w striped, navy blue), and a few random already-in-my-closet pieces (like a green/blue/yellow boho skirt)…and that's pretty much what I've been wearing since late May. I did buy one pair of khaki green shorts (Loft) for our trip to Florida…and wore them a bit begrudgingly b/c I just don't like shorts. 

I'm starting to ponder my fall capsule. Will definitely continue with the black/grey/denim colorway, but may add in a few more colors. I definitely need to replace a black pencil skirt that no longer fits, brown boots that really didn't survive last winter, and a button down white shirt that had an altercation with a blue pen. 

*photo credit – Death to the Stock Photo

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