our wild man is four!!

Dan katrina holtz wilder

I’ve had a little twinge of regret that I’m not playing along with Ali’s A Week in the Life this week…and I also know that I simply could not have added that into my week. The Littles have been with us for their Spring Break, and Dan’s Mom came up to spend Passover/Easter/Wilder’s birthday/Spring Break with us. All awesome stuff that adds up to a very full week!


One of our biggest celebrations this week was Wilder’s birthday. Our littlest Little is now FOUR! We celebrated with monster truck decorations, cupcakes for breakfast, and dinner at his (current) favorite restaurant.


We started the celebration bright & early…b/c who doesn’t love a birthday party at 6am?? The party continued all day…right up until he fell asleep in the car on the way home from dinner. He is very excited about being four!


This is McCartney’s flamingo pose…where is her other foot?? (filed under; things photographers notice) We miss Bubbe already!!

1 thought on “our wild man is four!!

  1. I am so glad you called out the flamingo pose. I totally stared at that picture for a minute before reading the text ASKING THE SAME THING!!!
    Happy Birthday Wildman from another four year old…Tadpole!

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