summer reading : 2016

2016 summer reading

Those who know me well may gasp at this reading list, what with all the fiction. It honestly wasn't a conscious choice at first, but rather a reflection of the vibe of life right now. If I had to sum it up, I'd say it's less the frantic pace of improve, learn, grow and more a cadence of be present, enjoy, savor.

I culled these choices from a variety of places – my own Good Reads list, Modern Mrs. Darcy Kindle deals & summer reading guide, and my Net Galley queue. 

Up from the Blue | Life from Scratch | Euphoria | Modern Lovers | The Girls | It Was Me All Along | The Year We Turned Forty | The Universe Has Your Back

What are you reading this summer?

3 thoughts on “summer reading : 2016

  1. I read three books last week while on vacation – and they were all longer than 32 pages! Three steampunk novels by Gail Carriger. Now back to reading work stuff. Good thing I love my job!

  2. Summer is a perfect time to escape into fiction, don’t you think? I’ve got Life From Scratch on my bedside table just waiting for me to finish my current read. Thanks for your recommendations!

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