commitments : march 2017


A wee bit late with posting my commitments this month (if you commit to something, but don't post about it on social media, does it count?).  I jotted down some notes on a flight last week, but hadn't taken the time to really sit with them. This month, I'm…


  • Absent-minded eating habits. February is a free-for-all when it comes to eating. Carbs to comfort on the sub-zero days, sweets to celebrate on the warm days, and drinking on all the days in-between. And look…if you're gonna go off the rails with eating during a month? Pick Feb. We'll forgive you. 
  • Another round of worry & swearing around medical challenges. Austin returned to University with a sanctioned plan to wean off of medication. He did…and the seizures returned. He's back on a medication plan, and handling it like a champ. 
  • My Self Expression & Leadership Program (SELP) with Landmark. Like many of the courses, this one has been a roller coaster…and I'm ready for it to end (in the best possible way). 


  • Wedding plans!! Sure, we've had a year to plan…but we haven't. Oops. So, I'm embracing the urgency, and diving in. #holtzinhawaii17
  • A Bonus Mom Bootcamp Community. My SELP community project is alive! I'm enjoying connecting with other Bonus Moms, and looking forward to growing the community. Being a Bonus Mom is no joke, and I'm ready to give and receive all the high-fives & hugs.
  • Creative projects. So.many.projects. Just wait, y'all. This is gonna be so good.
  • A Spring Capsule Wardrobe. True story…a couple of weeks ago, I asked Dan to grab some gym clothes for me & drop them off at my office. He graciously agreed, and then was traumatized by opening a (completely over-stuffed) drawer of my dresser. I'm ready to pare down, and refocus. 
  • Strength & Ease. In travel. In business. In life stuff. 


  • The aforementioned completion of our SELP!! Woot!! We did it!! The course is 5 years months long, and it is worth every minute. It also marks the completion of the Curriculum for Living with Landmark…which is certainly worth celebrating! We'll begin our next course in April, so we'll toast to our journey with this core curriculum milestone. 
  • My little brother's birthday! Today, while asking McCartney to be kind to Wilder for the millionth time, I had this idea for a "be kind to your brother, b/c he'll become one of your best friends" letter. I am crazy proud of my little brother, and so thankful that he's so awesome. 
  • Relationships. Life is busy, and it's super easy to let acknowledgment fall by the wayside. This month, I want to celebrate all the amazing people that I have in my life. That might look as simple as a comment on a social media post, or might involve happy mail…either way, I love the idea of celebrating my people for who they are. 

I'd love to hear about your March commitments! 

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