commitments : february 2017


It's February!! I've really come to enjoy this month. There's more & more light, which makes the bitter cold slightly more tolerable. There's Valetine's Day, which I get to celebrate with my crazy handsome fiance. And…there's a lot of chocolate and wine b/c it's bitterly cold and it's Valentine's Day! Woo hoo! 

I'm going to greet each month this year with commitments around completing, creating, and celebrating. Ready? Let's go! 


  • A debt management plan that I started a number of years ago. I am really proud that I paid it off more than a year ahead of schedule. 
  • Austin's December medical bills. Navigating Canadian medical care with American health insurance was a bit complicated…but I've made it to the other side! 
  • An unexpected dental repair. I thought that I had lost a filling, but I had actually lost a chunk of tooth! Happy to have that repaired.


  • My 2016 Project Life album. It has been so emotional (in the best way) to sort through photos of last year. We had such an amazing, full year! 
  • Ease in business travel. After a short break, I'm on a plane again tomorrow. I'm being intentional about creating ease around travel this year. 
  • A new Young Living Essential Oils business!! Even though I work with essential oils often, I have so much to learn. Excited about this new adventure.
  • New communities. I'm thrilled to be connecting with local Bonus Moms. I'm delighted to have people reaching out about essential oils. I'm inspired by Landmark graduates. And I'm having a lot of fun connecting with Mattress by Appointment "Plus Ones."


  • McCartney's sixth birthday! Can't believe that our sweet & sassy girl is going to be SIX!
  • Extending the lease on #thepalace. We really love our home, and we are so happy to be staying in it for the next few years! 
  • Valentine's Day. Cue the mushy hearts & flowers nonsense. It's not lost on me how extraordinary it is that I get to create a life with my best friend, and the love of my life. D&K for the win.
  • The richness & fullness of our life right now. We're definitely in a busy season…and I'm reminding myself that these are all possibilities that we've created. 
  • The return of Scandal! We may have lost Obama & Michelle, but we still have Fitz & Olivia. Deep sigh.
  • Leggings and wool socks. Because: February.

Wanna play along? Post a link to your blog in the comments OR simply answer the prompts! I'd love to do a roll call of who still checks in here. Raise your hands! 

Happy February, friends!


1 thought on “commitments : february 2017

  1. Me me! I’m still here. Not writing these days. Just reading…
    And good for you on your completing your debt plan. That is huge!

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