commitments : april 2017


We kicked off the month with weekend guests & Littles, so I'm a few days behind in my commitments…


  • Financial goals. Making bold requests, and taking action. It's so rewarding to see results!!
  • Winter…I hope. Feb & March are super tough months for me in terms of weather. Need. Sun. Now.
  • Wedding details: photographer hired, marriage license application completed, Aunt Betty's license updated, 3/4 plane tickets booked.


  • Financial freedom! Super excited to start the Money Seminar next week with Dan. 
  • #100daysofcelebration – follow me on Instagram for my posts about #the100dayproject. 
  • Stability, ease, and love for my family. 


  • Wilder's 4th Birthday! Woo hoo! This little man is A-MAZING. His progress & growth makes my heart smile. 
  • Iris is coming to visit!! Can't wait for her to be here. 
  • All. The. Things. (see #100daysofcelebration on Instagram)
  • Our neighborhood – it's my turn to host dinner for the Lake Ladies this month. So much fun!

What are your April commitments?

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