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I mentioned in my February Intentions post that I'm diving into Essential Oils with Young Living™ this year! My story with essential oils goes way back…mostly b/c of the business that I am in (no, I am still not a chemist). The naturals industry has used Essential Oils for y'know, a really long time, and so I've been involved in many a project that utilized EOs in some form. I used them at home, off & on, primarily for nighttime relaxing. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I even though I knew better, I got into a habit of picking up oils at local discount stores…somehow justifying the marginal quantity, and accepting marginal results. 

I started really exploring EOs about a year ago, when I was doing a lot of reading about sensory challenges for our wildman. I read about friends who saw that benefits of using EOs with their Littles, and I thought "why not?" Fast forward through a lot more reading, many bottles of just okay oils, and just okay results…and it was time to get serious. 

And so I signed up with Young Living™. 

It was that simple. I emailed a friend who I knew was in the oils business, asked her what to do, and viola…I had a premium starter kit on the way. I've had my kit for about a month now, and let me tell you…it's a whole new world. I'm loving the effects that quality EOs are having on our family. A few of our favorites…

Frankincense – I loooove this oil. I diffuse it during meditation. I diffuse it with Lavender when I get home from a crazy day. I just ordered a bottle for Austin to use at university. It's my favorite

Stress Away – This little bottle stays in my work bag constantly. I literally do not leave home without it. There's a handy roller ball fitment that comes with the starter kit, so you can just pop it in the bottle and roll on your wrists/temple/neck. Stress Away is super-handy for bumpy flights! 

Lavender – Confession…I used to really dislike the smell of lavender. Now? I adore it. Not sure what changed! Anyway…we use lavender nightly, both for Littles and adults. I add a few drops to a small spray bottle of water & spritz it on the Littles' pillow…Mackie calls it "magic sleepy spray." 

R.C.™ – The Littles seem to have a perma-cough. Thanks, winter + school! R.C. diffused, or applied with coconut oil to the bottom of their feet, really helps. This one will be part of my monthly order of oils, for sure! 

I'm starting to explore other oils & blends now (all still Young Living™, of course). I've already ordered another diffuser, b/c the Littles fight over who gets it in their room. Ha! I'm still reading a ton, and learning about lots of uses for EOs. 

Want to learn more about the Premium Starter Kit? Click here! 

Note: Statements made on this blog about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. I am not a medical professional. Information for educational purposes only.

3 thoughts on “exploring the world of essential oils…

  1. Thieves! I diffuse it every single night in my Little’s bedroom and I swear it keeps the school germs from infecting our household.
    We also use R.C. year round via the roller ball (diluted with coconut oil) on all three of us. And our “monster spray” is lavender diluted with water in a spritz bottle.
    But seriously, stock up on Thieves. I swear by it!

  2. I am using Spearmint EO for my sinuses.I’m always getting sinus infections , at once a month. That means a trip to my doctors office and then I am put on I an antibiotic. Peppermint is suppose to be best for this issue but it’s way too strong for me. The spearmint oil has been very helpful. 🙂
    Mary from NH

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