currently 10.27.16


drinking more & more coffee. It's my winter transition…my consumption creeps up, and then I start to balance out with hot tea. 

wearing this Garnet Hill skirt often. It's so comfy. I'm perplexed about a winter capsule wardrobe. Needing winter clothes at home, and warm-weather clothes for a lot of our winter travel. 

getting excited about visiting Barb & Austin next month. Sadly, not at the same time. I'm headed to Chicago in a couple of weeks, and then Dan & I are heading to BC for (American) Thanksgiving weekend. 

wishing that Hope could be there, also. 

eating far too many carbs, and craving all the cheese. My commitment to follow an 80/20 paleo split has been a dismal failure. #cheesefries 

listening to the sound of rain (that was snow earlier). I'm not a fan of winter. 

preparing for an onslaught of Halloween activities this weekend. Parties upon parties. I'm not a huge fan of this holiday, but I'm rallying in support of Dan's enthusiasm, and the Little's excitement.

wanting a few more hours of sleep sprinkled in my weeks. 

feeling the pull toward scrapbooking again. Likely Project Life. 

wondering if I still know how to make pretty things with paper. 

healing from a minor incision a couple of weeks ago. All clear on the biopsy. Be diligent about #selfcare, friends!


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