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At the start of every year, I start thinking about which creative projects I'm going to commit to. And in the past few years, that's been about the extent of it…I commit, but don't actually complete. Will this year be different? Time will tell! Here's what's on my creative mind…

Scrapbooking – I am a lapsed scrapbooker, and I am in good company. I may get back to traditional layouts this year, and I may not. I've been thinking about cardmaking a bit. I had been scheduled to do a card project with MC's class, but had to put that on hold due to the unexpected BC trip. I'll get that back on the books and see where the inspiration takes me. 

Project Life – I only completed spreads through March of 2016, and I'm still committed to having an album for last year. I've organized photos into Smart Albums, and narrowed down to a handful a month. My plan is to "print & pocket" and pretty much be done. I still love the idea of PL, I'm just not sure how extensive I want my 2017 PL to be. Digital maybe? Hybrid? 

One Little Word – I signed up for Ali's class in 2016, and never completed a month. I wasn't really connected with my OLW. This year already feels differently. So, I may follow the prompts from last year & complete a "Celebrate" album.

Photo Prints – One of my 2017 creative intentions is to print more photos. Chatbooks, Collage Posters, and simple 4×6 prints are high on my list. I love the idea of having a small basket of 4×6 prints that the Littles can look at when they are with us. It's so inexpensive to have 4×6 prints done these days that I won't worry about them getting torn/fingerprinted/etc. 

Photo Collections – I've done photo collections (in the form of scrapbooks) in the past – A Week in the Life, A Day in the Life, December Daily, etc. – I've had other collections on my mind lately – photo collections about our house, about what the Littles are into, about our travels, etc. I'll likely end up dong Chatbooks instead of scrapbooks.

and finally…non-photo related…Writing! Once upon a time, I not only blogged a lot, but I was also a contributing writer for Parenting Squad, and P&G Everyday. Given that I have Littles in my life again, I may delve back into the parenting world. Or perhaps I'll pursue a new path? Either way, I think that I'll rekindle my relationship with the written word. 

What's your creative plan for 2017?

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