commitments : may 2017

It’s MAY!!! Such an exciting month around here!! Let’s kick it off with some commitments…


  • 2016 Project Life is DONE!! Woooo hoooo! The process of making scrapbooks on every damn month¬†(ROFLMAO) is still one of my most favorite things. I’ll post the results, and thoughts on the catch-up process, soon. And YES, I’m doing Project Life for 2017…but going digital for the first time.
  • The checklist of…b/c having a small destination wedding makes the list a bit smaller, but doesn’t eliminate it entirely
  • A month w/o work travel. What???¬†That’s right…no business trips this past month. April is historically a quiet month. While it was comforting to be grounded for a bit, I’m feeling the itch to get moving again.


  • #100daysofcelebration…still going strong!
  • the start of digital Project Life for 2017 (leaning toward using this template)
  • possibilities around money, life, and adventure


  • Hope’s 25th birthday! Hard to believe, but my (first) baby girl will turn twenty-five while we are in Hawaii. So excited to celebrate with her!
  • OUR WEDDING!! Yes, I’m shouting….or rather, squealing. #happilyeverholtz #holtzinhawaii #dandkgethitched
  • Mother’s Day! We’ll spend most of the day on an airplane, so we’ve got plans for later in the month. Super grateful that I get to spend time with my Bigs and my Littles this month.

What are you committed to this month?

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