commitments : july 2017

Kristopher Roller

And….I’m back! Took a longer-than-planned break to get my blog moved from Typepad to WordPress (b/c it’s 2017, y’all). I’ll fill y’all in on what’s been happening, but first…commitments!


  • Our Landmark Money Seminar – not my favorite so far. Translation has been sketchy, and the distinctions haven’t resonated. So, ready to complete & move on.
  • The “biz travel break” that I was on for part of the first quarter.
  • The final name change paperwork – this process seems never-ending.


  • A Summer Bucket List – currently hanging in our kitchen, and will be shared here soon.
  • A space of breath & silence (almost) daily. Meditation for the win.
  • A re-commitment to movement. There hasn’t been enough of it lately, and it is definitely missed.


  • Our wedding – after party style. Dan has threatened me with comic sans if I don’t get invites out in the next day.
  • Summer – now that we’ve finally had 3 consecutive days without rain.
  • Our tribe – so grateful for the beautiful people who are a stand for us, for our family, and for this awesome life that we’ve created. Y’all rock.

I’m still getting to know WordPress, so things may be wonky for a bit. Thanks for sticking around while I get things sorted!

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