celebrating forty-six.


I turned forty-six yesterday! It was a wonderful day, full of celebration, friendship, & laughter. In honor of both my birthday and my OLW, here are 10 (b/c 4 + 6) people, experiences, and things that I plan to celebrate this year…

  1. Dan. Sometimes I'm sad that I missed out on so many years with him…and then I remember that we have so many years ahead of us. 
  2. The Bigs. My baby girl will be 25 years old this year…how did that happen? I really do celebrate the fact that she still calls her Mom pretty regularly. And Mister Mister certainly keeps us hopping with medical challenges…but aside from that, he's just a super interesting & creative guy.
  3. The Littles. McCartney is learning about a million new things every day, and that is worth celebrating! We love crafting together, and I hope that we'll celebrate a few roller coaster rides this year. Wilder Our can be a handful, AND he has the best laugh ever. He is learning & growing, and is so full of energy. I love when he gives me a kiss attack and says "you my best fwiend, Tweena!"
  4. Our far-away family. Our sets of parents, my brother, Aunt Betty Jo, and a variety of Aunts, Uncles, cousins…looking forward to celebrating the love that brings us together, despite the distance.
  5. Getting hitched! We're planning a very small wedding in Hawaii in May…and then all the parties when we're back on the mainland.
  6. Coffee, wine, brunch, etc. All the coffee. I'm looking forward to the return of coffee dates at Scout…especially with Dan, and with Mary Beth. Evenings hanging out with Dan & a bottle of wine. Brunch at The Spot is always a win.
  7. Friendships. I seriously have the best tribe ever. I'm looking for more ways to celebrate them in the coming year. 
  8. Our neighborhood. I've missed a few Lake Ladies get-togethers due to travel, so I'm really looking forward to reconnecting in the new year. We made great use of the park & the bike path last summer, and I'm looking forward to even more outdoor fun this summer.
  9. Travel. As I type this, we're finishing up packing for a trip to the Dominican. Exploring & adventuring is my favorite
  10. Creating a life that I love. That is definitely worth celebrating.

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