and then I turned 47…

Having a birthday right after Christmas means that the celebrating doesn’t stop around here! It doesn’t stop when Mother Nature delivers a snowstorm on your birthday, or when you really need to be packing up kids to say good-bye for now, or when you need to pack yourself for a trip to Mexico. And so, you just roll with it

After a day of fun with co-workers (who doesn’t love getting flowers & gifts at work??), we celebrated with a quiet dinner at The Farmhouse (likely quiet b/c we were the only ones crazy enough to be out & about during the storm), a divine carrot cake from Mirabelle’s, and fun birthday gifts (including “books” made by both McCartney & Wilder…so cute!).

The next morning, we said see you soon to the Littles as they headed to their other home. We got Austin stocked up on groceries for his final week at home before heading back to university. And then we packed for Mexico!

It was a whirlwind.

I haven’t really had time to reflect on what 47 means to me. It definitely means a few more grey hairs and a few more old lady jokes from my slightly younger husband. And it certainly means happiness. I have the best friends (some of whom are family by blood, and many of whom are family by love), four awesome kids, an amazing husband. Life is pretty great, y’all.

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