a weekend of ease.


If I were to choose a word to describe our weekend, I think that I'd go with…ease. With wine being a very close second choice. Dan & I have both been feeling a little over-scheduled lately, so we intentionally dialed back the pace…

*Kicked off the weekend by catching up with one of my besties over Thai food. 

*I took about 140 photos…all of Dan. For reals. Busted out the "big" camera, moved furniture, and styled shots that turned out awesome. So much fun. 

*Saturday night dinner at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. It's a little local restaurant, and we visit at least 2x per month. We always order the same thing…#25 with mild spice for me, #27 with chicken for Dan. It's a simple thing…having this restaurant tradition…but it means a lot to me. 

*After dinner, we headed home, grabbed another bottle of wine and one of Dan's guitars, and walked down the street to a neighbor's house for an impromptu jam session. I love watching Dan plan guitar. (If you're on Instagram, there's a video from the night on my page) It's fun to have creative neighbors! 

*Sunday morning brunch with a new Bonus Mom friend…great to connect with new people. 

*We ran around a little bit on Sunday, but there was a donut involved (likely the result of me whining for two days that I really wanted a donut)…so it was all good. 

*We couldn't bear to mess up the kitchen at the end of the night, so we popped over to a local bar in the marina for dinner. Our Rozzi's tradition? Citizen Cider Dirty Mayor. Always.

*Wound down Sunday by catching up on the latest episode of Scandal (W.T.F????). 

In the moments in between, there was meditation, coffee, a bit of reading (Textbook by AKR), a few dog walks (all Dan), and honestly? Not a lot else. Super grateful for having a little downtime, and for being able to spend it with my favorite guy. 

Life is good


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