2018 One Little Word® : practice

I’ve written about practice at least 1/2 dozen times over the past 6 years – starting with my 12 practices in 2012. So when the Universe started whispering the word practice a few weeks ago, my first thought was been there, done that. I kept listening for a different One Little Word, and practice just stuck around.

So…practice, it is.

I’ve been thinking of Ali’s exploration of what she wants to invite into her life with her OLW. What I’m inviting into my life with practice is thoughtful repetition, and mindful action. I’m interested in which practices hold my attention & focus. I’m interested in new practices & experiences. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I am drawn to the idea that practice creates progress.

I’ll be incorporating my OLW into my Project Life album this year, rather than doing a separate album.

What’s your One Little Word?


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