2017 project life : january – june

Early in the year, I decided that I’d do a digital version of Project Life and have a photo book printed at the end. I downloaded a template from Nettio Designs..and that’s about where my planning ended. Today, thanks to a cold & Dr. Dan’s orders to take it easy…I set up Smart Albums in iPhoto, and put together the first SIX months of this year’s album. I’m committed to this project being simple, and (more importantly) COMPLETE by the middle of January 2018. As I sat down to digitally sort photos, I had a few minutes of temptation to print photos, and backtrack to complete a physical/traditional Project Life album. And then I reminded myself of my commitment to simple & complete. Here’s my plan & process…

*I used iPhoto smart albums to quickly sort photos by Month

*As I started each month, I opened the corresponding iPhoto album and quickly chose the first 9-12 photos that really caught my eye

*After choosing a photo to use for the month page, I started adding smaller photos to the collage page. I didn’t overthink the photos, and rarely edited them.

*The only monthly journaling that I’m doing at this point is the You’re My Favorite list that corresponds with each photo

*I’ll be adding separate pages for bigger events – the Dominican Republic trip, our wedding, the after-party, etc

*I’ll likely add some themed pages at the end of the book – food & travel are the first that come to mind

*I may also copy/paste my monthly commitment blog posts into individual pages for the book

*I’ll have an 8×10 book printed when the digital version is complete – targeting mid-January

*Just like with traditional Project Life, I’m not trying to capture every photo in this album

As I worked on this project today, I realized that not only am I creating a life that I love, but I am creating a project that I love. Scrapbooking still rocks. Note that the images below are still in draft form – so if you spot any typos, certainly let me know!

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