commitments : september 2017

Photo by Owen CL on Unsplash

September is not being subtle. There’s a definite chill in the air, and I’ve already seen a bit of color in the trees. Vermont shows off in the summer, with tolerable temps & all.the.nature…but the fall is what the state is really known for. I’m certain (hopeful?) that we’ll have a few more surprisingly warm days…but the there’s no doubt that things are about to get cozy.


*our summer bucket list – we’re stretching this out a bit to fit in with schedules, but I’ll recap what we loved, and what we left for next year in another post (soon!)

*Austin’s quick summer break – he heads back to BC on Sunday to begin his junior year of university.

*two weeks back at Barre – it’s been great to get back into the practice (and also really hard – Barre is no joke).


*more time for reading – wanting to be more intentional about carving out time for this.

*possibilities in the Advanced Communication Course

*lists of podcasts to listen to on my morning commute and/or travels – what’s your favorite right now?


*all of it. this is it, and it is perfect. Remembering to look for gratitude, and celebrate all the amazing bits of our life.

*Dan’s birthday – my favorite guy turns 43 this month!

*3 years of love, laughter, & libations – we’ve created such an amazing life together

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